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macos-x.pngI have just reset my Mac Mini. Now it is as good as new, except that flickering old Samsung screen. Managing mail with Mail; browsing with Firefox, Safari, and Camino (I still prefer Firefox); chatting with Adium; etc. I have also installed Open Office for *yucx* boring work for my beloved company :). I know I miss many things, since I am totally new in this Mac world. Working directly with is Unix is a bit more comfortable *heh-heh-heh*.

Any advice? What should I install? What else could I do? How could I connect my Xphone? Etc. Etc. Any advice is appreciated.

Visiting Certainly, chums: that’s what I’m doing right now.

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  1. Install QuickSilver, this is a must for a mac power user since you can type the name of the program instead of searching for it through your application folder.

    And be sure to update, the newest OSX seed is 10.4.9

  2. welcome aboard my brother. actually mac is a fun toy if only we knew what sofware to put it in. it has zillions apps as much as windows, but the classic problem is people don’t familiar with mac apps and don’t know where to start or look into. it’s become an aliens thingy.

    my advice:
    1. check out and looks for sofware updates.
    2. check out
    3. check out
    4. check out serialbox to check any apps available to the platform (i’m not encouraging piracy).
    5. hang out with mac community to find new exposures.
    6. come to my place.

    if all above actions is still can’t find your lust for mac then… sale the mini to me… :P i’m bidding it for… 1 million? *ngacirrrrr

  3. welcome to the mac land, hehe… benernya sih saya lagi pikir untuk murtad ke ubuntu di laptop ini, tapi berkat fink, jadi ditunda dulu.

    fink install php5

    ohhh….. *terharu*

    btw; skenario diatas cuma bisa dinikmati setelah mengaktifkan repository unstable.

    enjoy !

  4. @1: Thank You !!!
    @2: Thank You !!!
    @3: Hah ??? Terharu ???

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